Three acoustic singer songwriters to get your week off to a great start

EDWARD – “Out your window”
-The methodical, mesmerizing acoustic guitar work on this track sets the tone from the start. It’s a fluid style of fingerpicking that’s sure to stand out for a lot of listeners. It reminds me of some older, classic British folk music that I’ve heard. The lyrics are poetic and contemplative. When the cello enters the track, it has a soothing chamber folk energy to it. This is a real hidden gem and you’ll want it for your own playlists — trust me.

Clint Roberts – “The Drifter”
-It’s not every day you hear a country style track with the opening lyric “I am not a masochist, my dear.” We are assuredly not listening to country top 40 right now! Roberts has a thoughtful, even endearing sincerity to his writing. There’s a maturity in the vocal that makes me want to hear him cover some old standards like Colter Wall. That said, this track will make you think about the life of the roaming, classic desperado character. It’s worth concentrating a bit to feel what the lead character is feeling.

Spencer Douglas – “Valentine”
-I missed covering this on St Valentine’s Day by one, but hopefully you’re still feeling that glow of the nice things that special someone did for you. But even if you don’t have that person in your life, hopefully the lullaby-style track from Douglas will bless your ears. I like the vocal harmonies the most here. There’s an unhurried sincerity to this track that makes it stand out for me. In a world with so much hand clappy folk music, it’s nice to hear the acoustic and a few voices command the virtual room. This one is delightfully sweet.

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