Three unique singer songwriters pushing genre barriers in 2021

Couchsleepers – “Monsters”
-There’s a wonderful pop meets folk meets rock meets experimental energy to this track. The harmonies are my favorite part (a surprise to no one who reads this site regularly). I love the melodic energy at the heart of the track. The juxtaposition of “monsters” with loving connection works really well. I’m definitely intrigued by this track. I hope you all enjoy it, too.

Yoji – “Tears on my piano”
-The jazz piano at the heart of this track is absolutely wonderful. The lead vocal is incredibly strong as well. I can’t help but wonder if Yoji has “perfect pitch.” I don’t hear an out of place note in the entire track. If you’re a fan of jazzy, soulful singer songwriters you will love what Yoji put together on this track. Fans of Alicia Keys will particularly enjoy this one.

Ben Auld – “Try again”
-When you click play on this song you’re going to swear you stepped into a time machine. Ben Auld has a penchant for writing throwback music that feels like it was originally written in the mid 60s. The energy is absolutely infectious, conjuring images straight off the set of Happy Days. If you’re a fan of the Beach Boys and similar west coast style pop music from the good old days, you’ll find a lot to like from this genre-blending gem from Ben Auld.

Image courtesy: Yoji Music IG

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