Three new Americana tunes for your tender hearted weekend

Hayden Arp – “Holding on”
-This song starts off good and swells to an excellent track. I really love the harmonies on this track. There’s a lush quality to the composition here. I definitely find myself humming and singing along with this one. The electric guitars blend together extremely well, allowing the vocals to fit tightly into the mix. I recommend listening to this one with headphones and closed eyes.

Vanessa from Maine – “I still have faith”
-I appreciate the folk energy of this track. There’s a unique mix of pop and folk characteristics to this song. The timeless structure here makes me wonder what it would sound like to hear this track with a stand up bass and a traditional three piece old time set up. That said, there’s something quite calming about the sense that it will all work out in the end. There’s some relationship drama at the heart of the lyrics, but to me it’s just the whole vibe of the track that resonates.

Roseanne Reid – “Tentsmuir Sky”
-The calming acoustic guitar work here is really quite interesting. The vocal enters with a style that reminds me of another famous Roseanne… Cash. The vocal harmonies on the verse really pop for me on this one. The whole composition has a no-nonsesne sincerity to it. If you’re looking for a track that will make you look up and feel relaxed, this is the one for you. Throw it on your Americana playlist and enjoy it every time.

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