Three “commercial” tracks with big hit potential in February 2021

RYD – “Take it to the limit” (Eagles cover)
-Folks who have been reading my writing for a while already know of my fandom of the Eagles (much to my co-editor’s chagrin). I was thrilled to find this lo-fi cover of the hit song “Take it to the limit.” I understand this won’t be for everyone, but to me, there’s an intimacy captured here that I never quite heard in the song before. This speaks to my personality far more than a screamy party anthem; it’s introspective, thoughtful, and deeply moving. I low key love this track.

Young Rising Sons – “Sunday Sunshine”
-To give you an idea how I feel about this track, the first thing I did was turn it up and begin drumming on my desk. I love the glowing indie rock energy from this track for sure. It’s the kind of up tempo energy I want in my life, to be honest. I love how the message is about embracing the feeling when you’re really enjoying life on a sunny Sunday afternoon. More of us could learn to embrace this kind of joyful, upbeat style.

PHIE – “Game over”
-I have had PHIE on a list of artists that wow me for a while now. I love the lush arrangement of this track. It’s the kind of song that begs to be turned up very loud. I don’t always love electro music, but PHIE’s songwriting has this incredible ability to emerge for me. I guess there’s a core melody here that stands out from the crowd. The layered harmonies on the chorus move the track from good to great in my opinion. Throw it on a playlist and find yourself glowing every time you hear it. PHIE is so good. I hope there are plans for a full length soon!

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