Three more intriguing folk tunes for your midweek

Cereus Bright – “Give me time”
-If you’re looking for a mid 60s folk style, definitely give Cereus Bright a spin. We’ve covered this artist in the past and it’s easy to hear why. All of the key elements of melody, composition, and style are there. It just feels like a rich, genuine sound. It experiments without going too far afield. I also really like the down to earth lyricism. Something about this reminds me of Jackson Browne… and I intend that as high compliment.

The Indigo – “Foreign Ties”
-I really dig the groove on this track. From the first time I clicked play on this track, I couldn’t believe it’s a new song and not straight out of the 60s! This one has so much charm and energy. Everything from the groove to the vocal to the instrumentation works in perfect unison. This is a vibey track that demands to be put on your spring, summer, fall… heck ALL YEAR PLAYLIST. “When you’re having fun, it’s a game of zero sum…” Mmmhmm. This is nostalgic bliss to the enth degree.

John Davey – “Sugarmask”
-I can already tell that John Davey’s name is going to be a common one around our site. There’s a certain energy to this track that I really enjoy and I remember feeling the same way with the last track from Davey. The effect on the electric guitar and Davey’s blissfully idiosyncratic vocal work together for a delightfully unique sound. I can’t help but draw a parallel here with Darryl Rahn. This is what indie folk is supposed to sound like.

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