3 Incredible Songwriters You Need to Hear

Girlhouse – “The Fatalist”

We approved this song before we saw the music video. The song is an incredible expression of vulnerable songwriting, while the video is a beautiful expression of humor. The artist plays with themes of alienation and isolation as she peruses her world in a whale outfit. The result is charming and something that will draw listeners of many different backgrounds to her brand of melancholy. However you consume “The Fatalist”, you are guaranteed to love it.

Emily Anderson – “Hugs”

There is a certain quirk in the music of Emily Anderson. It comes out in her tight wordplay and her upbeat instrumentation. On the timely “Hugs”, the singer croons about the current distance between us and our favorite people. While many artists have tried to capture the moment we are living in with the pandemic, Anderson has perhaps captured the right tone of frustration and hope. The climax ends with with a folkish sing-a-long that looks forward to the day when we can all hug again. It’s a beautiful track that shows the depth of her talent for storytelling.

Valeree – “Broke”

Unless you were born into wealth, many of us can relate to this one. Soulful artist Valeree laments the struggle to survive financially with wit and heart. This is the perfect single from her coming EP (March 19). It is a different expression than the rest of the album, but truly shows her range and talent, while accurately commenting on the battle to stay afloat; working multiple jobs, paying for health insurance, and not being able to afford to call in sick. There is a lot of soul in this one.

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