Three acoustic Americana tracks that will warm your cold, cold heart

Gracie Moses – “January”
-There’s a gentle energy to this track that puts a smile on my face. It’s sad because ultimately it’s a breakup song, but there’s a lightness to it that I really admire. Something about the hope of a new year seems to come through in the chord selections. Mostly, though, it’s the bright quality of Gracie Moses’s vocal that makes the song feel just so right. Fans of the Dodie Clark and Tessa Violet trend in acoustic pop music will love this one.

Maja Lena – “Birch”
-There’s an unconventional energy to this track with two different rhythms. The background has a tapping sound while the strumming feels like a more conventional folk style. The combination is a bit unsettling in the best way. As you lean in to listen closely to this track, the listener cannot help but feel a bit like it has an intentionally provocative style. It’s not for everyone, but it’s an experimental folk style that’s going to appeal to some of our faithful followers.

Mason Via – “The Flood”
-This is Americana. Mason Via’s track “The Flood” is the perfect blend of bluegrass and old time music for a fresh take on an old sound. The vocal permeates the track with an authenticity that we so very rarely hear in modern music. If I had an Americana radio station, I’d play the grooves off of this track. There’s a lonesome, desperate sense to the story of the flood that comes through in every banjo, mandolin, and guitar lick. That upright bass keeps us honest. I love everything about this one.

Image courtesy: Mason Via IG

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