Three exciting new folk songs for late January

Jonny and Clyde – “Redbird”
-Something about this track feels Old World to me. Then again, something about this song feels like 90s punk music as well. The combination, especially with the acoustic guitar root, feels really rewarding in the end. The whole composition from melody, harmonies, vocals, and lyrics all work together for a genre-blending experience. I can’t quite put words to how this song feels so utterly unique while echoing many other styles we recognize; it’s a bright reimagination of folk music.

Florian Zumkehr – “Up to you”
-The easy going guitar combines with a poetic lyrical charm on this new track from Florian Zumkehr. The energy feels vintage in the best way possible. The chilled out vibe reminds me of a colorful blend of 60s vibes with 90s alt rock swagger. Put this on your 2021 playlists and you’ll dig it every time, trust me. Zumkehr’s got something special going on with this one.

Jessie Monk – “Lonesome winter blues”
-It’s really hard not to make a Joni Mitchell comparison when I hear Jessie Monk’s style. The vocal definitely has a timeless quality to it that puts a smile on my face. I appreciate that the orchestral folk background has jazzy snaps and a bluesy heart. This track might be one of the purest forms of “Americana” I’ve heard in 2021. It brings together many traditions in a fulfilling, lyrically rich sonic experience. Give it a spin and be surprised.

Image courtesy: Jonny and Clyde IG

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