Declan McKenna Roars Back With “Rapture”

Declan McKenna – “Rapture”

If you haven’t heard the young songwriter, then allow this to be your glorious introduction. If you have, then you assuredly have skipped past my words to the newest video via Vevo. Off his second album, Zeros, McKenna shows his tight indie pop stylings with his trademark wails and guitar work. It’s a sight to behold for sure.

“In terms of my artistic development, it feels a major step on from my first record. With this album, if I’m performing as a character, I wanted it to give it everything- all the artists that I love like Dylan, Nick Cave or Bowie, are great storytellers because they give their characters really intense, sometimes strange voices.

What is surprising and perhaps is the reason why so many are drawn to him, is his exceptional ability in songwriting. Sure, it is undeniably catchy, yet it carries tight storytelling and riffs. This is definitely a fun piece that will only continue to launch him into super-stardom.

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