Chilled Out Tunes Your Tuesday Needs

sunroom sounds. – “The Drive”

This one has chill vibes to spare. Musically, it builds a welcoming and warm environment reminiscent of acts like Minus the Bear. We could seriously listen to the instrumentation all night. Vocally, it beautifully works within the sound to build an impressive sonic environment. The video complements the track with mood lighting and a paced performance.

Baby Jane – “Soda”

This young songwriter is one of our favorite new pop stars. We’ve been covering her for awhile and were surprised to hear how she continues to tighten her style. While not falling into typical pop traps, her ability to craft chill pop anthems is outstanding. Like many pop tracks, “Soda” hints at unrequited love. Yet, in true Baby Jane fashion, it finds a melancholy maturity that sets her apart from the pop fray.

Native – “Apt. 41”

This Swiss singer-songwriter awfully crafts chilled heartbreak songs that demand attention. Blending folk styles with updated vocal effects, he really creates something beautiful and original on “Apt. 41”. As my first introduction to the songwriter, we are more than a little excited to hear more from him in the months to come.

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