Three unique tracks exploring various contours in indie pop music

Dylan Dunlap – “Follow my echo”
-The combination of the electronic elements here and the quality lead vocal make this track stand out right away. It’s evident that the production is at a very high level on this track. It’s the kind of track you could put on a workout or a hangout playlist equally well. It’s definitely a track with a full and fulfilling sound.

B.J. Fisher – “Nothing at all”
-There’s an intriguing energy to this song. The start feels like a typical folk tune, but then a few seconds in we get a very rewarding Billy Joel style piano part that sets the track apart. I appreciate that it’s an amalgamation of many different pop styles from over the years. The crooning sincerity of Fisher’s vocal will win over a lot of fans. This is definitely a stand out track that will get you moving and wondering “who IS this guy?” Dig it, fam.

Andreas Moe – “Holding on”
-The rising energy from the electric guitars in the opening of this track create a sense of real momentum. As the lead vocal enters the track, there’s an almost tangible sense of “taking off.” I admire the way the production creates this sense of movement that drives the song. It feels like a song that was written for a running or driving playlist. The lead vocal is particularly strong, perfect for the poppy rock flavor of the main melody. This one could receive spins on a wide range of playlists, but I think you should start with your workout list. Let it inspire you to HOLD ON!

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