Three indie folk tunes to get your new week going

Jacob Weil – “It couldn’t wait”
-I can’t quite decide if this is folk rock, folk country, or country flavored rock. Maybe it’s just Americana… and we’re okay with that. I have to say from first listen I appreciated Weil’s similarity to artists like Ryan Adams. There’s a charming sensibility to the lyrics, which are surprisingly bold for their easy going nature. If you’ve ever had a “reckoning” in a relationship, this track will rip open some old wounds. That said, it’s definitely an intriguing and emotional track.

Ben Greenberg – “For Nick”
-This piece is actually art. This is not a “song” or a “tune” or (worst of all) a “ditty.” This is a piece of glorious artwork and I am so glad I’ve gotten to experience it. The acoustic guitar, appropriately, is amazing in a song dedicated to Nick Drake. Beyond that, though, the vocal and strings come together for a breathtaking folk classical homage to one of the greatest in the genre. I’m putting this on my song of the year candidates list right away. This one is truly breathtaking — take a few minutes to enjoy.

Max Helgemo, Juliet Sunflower, and Andrew Goldring – “Aqueducts”
-They do make music “like they used to” but you have to look for it a little. If you miss the harmony folk of the 60s, give this track a spin. It’s put together by a nice little group of emerging artists who really seem to understand how to put spirit into song. I admire the approachable sincerity of this recording. It puts me in mind of what I first fell in love with when I found the Spring Standards. It’s charming, yes, but it’s also soulfully satisfying. Give this one a spin, for sure.

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