Three folk tunes to put a smile on your mid-winter face

Yeardley – “Wilderwood”
-Are you ready to clap? Get ready to clap, sing, and smile listening to this one. I was quite surprised I didn’t know this band, Yeardley, when I first heard this song. They’ve definitely got a ton of spirit behind their unique jangly version of folk music. It makes me feel like I should be driving Route 66 on my way to a gig in the middle of nowhere… and I’ve never even been on tour! This is definitely a really fun loving, comfortable track. I can’t wait to hear more from this exciting folk band.

Danny Garrett – “All around California”
-You had me at “harmonica solo.” The rest… from the guitars to the vocals to the timeless folk composition… well, that’s just bonus. I admire the way that Garrett can make people feel like they’re temporarily in California even when they are in (much colder) other places. Garrett’s folk songwriting has that charming “home on the range” ethos in the harmonica combined with a more modern folk sentiment in the guitar work. The combination is sweetly rewarding.

Caroline Josephine Pernick – “Ghost town”
-The guitar work on this track is idyllic, making me want to just close my eyes and envision the lyrics. The song’s structure is definitely not your typical classic folk and that’s fine with us. The more modern folk-meets-pop energy works well for Pernick’s vocal and lyrical style. This one is sure to find some fans among our devoted contemporary folk fans. If you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd, give this unique orchestral folk composition a chance.

Image courtesy: Caroline Josephine Pernick IG

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