Three indie pop tracks keeping the genre exciting

Heatlamps – “Something other than goodbye”
-I dig the chill beat and the killer harmonies on this track a lot. The whole thing feels like a warm, comforting sweater. I can’t help but dig the way the electric guitar breaks stand out so clearly. This track is evidence that for a song to feel “pop” it doesn’t need to have massive production with fog machines and lasers. This track just glows in its own energy.

Sean Christopher – “Stuck in a moment”
-The easy comparison for this track is someone like Jack Johnson, but honestly Sean Christopher’s work stands on its own. This is a nice, clever, even timeless kind of song. The lyrics cut through really well, the vocal is easy to understand, and the groove just hits right. This thought to “take a break, you’re going to be okay” is something so very many people need to hear right now. Let’s all just chill and get through this; there’s no need to panic. Let the sun make you smile, fam.

Mikey Ferrari – “Lunar light”
-If you like a chilled out groove, you should definitely check out Mikey Ferrari’s newest track “Lunar light.” It’s about staying up late, kind of, but it’s also got this powerful metaphor about knowing yourself. It’s about falling in love with someone in a way that becomes so engrossing that you stop being yourself. It’s really a magical composition. This is one of those songs that I am convinced if it could get some big time airplay on a major radio station, it could chart. Let’s spin it and get it the attention it deserves!

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