Three genre-defying and exciting new pieces of music for your 2021 playlists

Denney – “You’re not sorry”
-If you’re looking for a thought provoking, engaging new piece of music, look no further than Denney’s latest. The vocal is incredibly well done. The melody has that enjoyable style in the opening, but you can feel from the start that it has the power of a ballad while staying very chill. If you’re a fan of the Dodie Clark and Orla Gartland style of chill, expressive pop music then you’ll enjoy Denney’s new song.

Georgia van Etten – “Deep black water”
-Get to know the name Georgia van Etten. Write it down somewhere important. This is the name of a rising star. Comparisons with Amy Winehouse and Adele are easy to make with this powerful vocalist. I am blown away by the powerful blues energy to this pop style. Georgia van Etten has the vocal chops and the star power to take the industry by storm. I can’t believe how well produced this track is for a lead single. I look forward to watching what is sure to be a meteoric rise to stardom.

Scoobert Doobert – “Can’t imagine feeling better”
-To give you an indication of how I personally feel about this track, the first thing I did when I heard it was share it with three friends on social media. Then, for the second half of the song, I danced in my chair at my day job. So like… I don’t know what other kind of musical analysis that I could offer. This song just feels SO GOOD. It’s a groove. It’s whimsical. It also captures a collective mood for us here at ETTG, feeling optimistic for 2021. Spin it. Share it. Dance to it.

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