Three endearing folk tunes for your Friday

Big Little Lions – “Never mind the weather”
-There’s an easy going energy to this track that drew me in right away. The guitar feels comfortable and engaging. There’s something powerful about devoting to someone no matter what circumstances come along. Living through winter in a pandemic makes this track permeate a bit more. This is a treat for fans of indie folk music.

Munroe – “Don’t rush to get old”
-The relaxing acoustic guitar work on this track is subtle yet satisfying. I appreciate how the vocal lays over the string work with a gentle, engaging style. The total composition feels like how folk music ought to feel — genuine and meaningful. I appreciate the delicate style here and the poignant, meaningful sentiment in the lyrics. As a parent of a few little ones, this song hits me deep in my core.

Mitchell Gonzalez – “Leaving town”
-The easy going folk style of this track is really endearing. I appreciate the timeless composition style here. It feels like it could have been written back in the turn of the LAST century. The optimistic energy is interesting; it’s a song about leaving, but it’s not resentful. This is such a delightful, hopeful sensibility that a lot of us can relate to. This is an anthem for the stircrazy people of the pandemic. I like it a lot.

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