Three creative and expressive new indie folk acts

Denson Camp – “There again”
-If lush acoustic guitar work is your thing, you’ll find a lot to like about Denson Camp’s work here. This subtle and engaging piece of music is perfect for a coffeeshop playlist. The poetic lyrics will have you leaning in to pay extra attention. I definitely admire any piece of music that can create such an environment around it; I feel immediately calm listening to this piece from Denson Camp. It’s a gift.

Ali George – “Another girl”
-Something about this composition reminds me of James Taylor. The energy is electric from the guitar work to the lyrics. It’s kind of unsettling realizing the lyrical them, yet at the same time a lot of people will be able to relate to the sentiment. You can feel the delight expressed from the experiences with the new romantic partner. The composition here, especially on the bridge, is on another level. This is not just a good song to enjoy, but it’s one that should be studied by songwriters; it’s brilliant.

James VanDeuson – “Gravestone”
-The easy going acoustic style here is really enjoyable. The first time I listened to this song, I was struck by the expressive vocal style that I had never heard before. More than anything, though, I was moved by the sincerity of the performance. VanDeuson’s expressive lyrical style stands out in a crowded folk scene. This is a piece that’s going to find a lot of fans amongst our readership.

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