Three engaging neoclassical pieces for your winter playlist

Alexander Claussen – “Gentler times”
-I adore this style of music; I guess you’d call it piano jazz in its most relaxing form. There’s a sense of meandering to it that I enjoy. I love this piece in particular for reminding me of the way things used to be. Something about it reminds me of home and comfort. It’s a literal breath of fresh air.

Joshua Carlton – “Her grand arrival”
-There’s a peacefulness to this track that helps the listener ease into the sound… but there’s also this cinematic sense of foreshadowing from the very start. Without hearing any lyrics, the listener can immediately tell that something grand is about to happen. Will it be someone arriving? A storm? Or a great beautiful development? As the track unfolds, there’s a definite sense of narrative. You’ll have to listen to hear what happens…

Brother James ft. John Arndt – “Every day with you” (piano)
-If you stick around our site for the next little bit, you just might see this song name again. These talented artists were kind enough to send us both the piano solo version as well as the full version of this song. I have to say I love this melody and the clarity of the performance here. I’d be totally down for a whole album of music with this kind of sweet, gentle jazzy lullaby vibe. It’s a whole dang mood and I’m here for it.

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