Three chill tracks to set your mood for the week

Pink Palace – “Coffee”
-The chill energy of this track is really impressive. I’ve heard lo-fi like this in the past, but this one strikes me as being particularly good. The lush tones of the electronic background works well in creating that perfect “pocket” for the vocal. It’s extremely well produced with an easily relatable lyrical premise and an easy to sing along chill chorus. I dig it.

Alicia Lov – “Criminal”
-The genre blending style here is what caught my attention from first listen. Alicia Lov has a really good vocal, which helps this chill pop track go from good to great. The beat will get you groovin but the vocal will have your attention fully. Overall, it’s just the vibe. I can’t help myself; I have to lean in and feel this beat and vocal. Give it a spin and let it make you a fan, too.

Celine Cairo – “Bird song”
-There’s a lightness to this track that I was not expecting when I clicked play, but it’s unbelievably good. I love the atmospheric energy of this one. It really soars on some of the vocals. I don’t know how the producer made this sense of space, but it honestly feels like the best word for it is “soaring.” I love the energy of this track and the vocal quality is absolutely earth shattering. I’ll listen to 1000 demos before I hear another vocal this good.

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