Outstanding New Artists to Watch in ’21

Alabama Deathwalk – “RLS”

There is a beautiful spirit to this track that we have a hard time fully capturing. Sounding familiar, as an old friend, the track reminds us of some of our favorite acts like Minus the Bear and War on Drugs. “RLS” still manages to explore new ground and sound refreshingly original. After 2 years of writers block, and countless life change, the act are able to capture the turmoil with honesty and vulnerability. Whatever the sound here is, it is one which is very personal, connecting to listeners in a most deep way. We absolutely love this track.

Caleb J. Murphy – “Even Stars”

Writer and musician Caleb J. Murphy is currently in a project where he releases a song at a time. The strategy of this is to make fully focus on the quality of each track without the rush of deadlines and album creation. It pays off. With “Even Stars”, the artist shows his tight hold on instrumentation and compelling storytelling. The trumpet park here is our favorite. It really holds the track together in a melancholy way.

Virgo Rising – “Headlights”

Keep an eye on the career trajectory of Virgo Rising. Self-described as “three sad girls making songs from Winnipeg“, the group carry an immense talent for building a vulnerable and slow burning art. We love the pace and melancholy of “Headlights”. The band show a rare talent to let the track play without rushing to fill the space with the unnecessary. This track has captivated us in a way few musical introductions have. We cannot wait to hear more.

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