Three folk rock tunes you’ll want to hear today

Darryl Rahn – “Don’t come over”
-If you’ve been following ETTG for any length of time, you know we’re big fans of what Darryl Rahn is doing here. This new track is firmly in the chill folk rock genre, which we definitely appreciate. There’s a fullness to the sound that I appreciate with the acoustic and electric guitars. But the lyrics are absolutely fantastic on this track. If I could, I’d get this track airtime on all the big radio stations in Nashville, LA, Portland, and Seattle. Rahn is great and “Don’t come over” highlights the approachable, engaging, and downright charming folk rock songwriting that we enjoy.

Okay Mann – “When you go”
-I really dig the full rock sound of this track once you hit the chorus. There’s a depth to the chord there that really puts a smile on my face. The lyrics are rather melacholic, but they definitely work. The mood of the track resonates with anyone who has ever been in a relationship they knew wasn’t going to last, but still enjoyed it. I love the soaring energy on the chorus, but the whole song is notable.

Ali Coyle – “On my way again”
-The chill rock style here is sure to stand out for a lot of folks. The vocal cuts through vividly. The self determination of the track emerges, driving the listener to think about the lead as a strong character. The electric guitars and funky sound effects make it a bit unconventional in a good way. I definitely appreciate that the track takes its own unique path within the indie folk rock world.

Image courtesy: Okay Mann IG

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