Three Americana tracks proving that the genre is alive and well in 2021

Danny Rose – “Lassie’s song”
-The first time I heard this song, I had to search for it to see if it was a cover. Honestly, Danny Rose is one of the most convincing narrative folk singers I’ve heard in nearly a decade of covering folk music. His sound is definitely derived from Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. He does their tradition proud with this song. It’s about running and rambling. It also has a sing-a-long and clap chorus. Hey hey! It’s vintage folk and I love it.

Riley Burns – “Dark places”
-Not much puts me in the country music more than a steel guitar, so I was happy to hear one from the start of this new track from Riley Burns. Then the vocal entered… and I was definitely interested in the message. It feels like the real deal when it comes to country/Americana music. I really appreciate the meta moment of a song about learning from music. It’s important to remember that music helps us understand (and come out of) our own dark places. Good stuff!

Damiën Van Elburg – “On the same road again”
-This isn’t Johnny Cash. This isn’t a remixed version of a Johnny Cash song, but you will think it is. This is Damien Van Elburg from the Netherlands and he’s giving me hope that Americana lives on in the modern day. Everything from the guitars to the voice to the lyrics are all vintage mid 60s Johnny Cash on this one. The confessional tone and phrasing are absolutely stunning. This is a hidden gem.

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