Three unique textures in Americana music in 2020

davidwallace – “Forget who we are”
-If you’re a fan of timeless rock music, you’ll enjoy this track from davidwallace. I find that that chorus has a rewarding repetition to it. The overall energy of the track will get your toes tapping. I rarely say this about rock, but something about this one really reminds me of Dawes. That’s high praise. This is a really well written and executed, complex rock tune. I dig it.

Gold Child – “Like you used to”
-Okay imagine this… a chill folk rock energy with a steel guitar. Yummy, right? I definitely can relate to this track on a level that I feel uncomfortable blogging about. Is that honest enough for you? I love the way it sounds, sure, but I definitely FEEL it very personally. The lead vocal is unbelievably smooth. The timeless country-meets-rock-meets-AM-radio vibe of this song is more than I can handle. I love it.

JoClair – “Born in the water”
-This is an unsettlingly beautiful song. What I mean is that it’s so transcendently beautiful that you will have a hard time just putting it on in the background. It’s like listening to a poem that grips you… the imagery, the tone, and the wording. It’s really an incredible piece of music. The atmospheric composition defies words; you honestly just have to hear it. I’m pretty sure the lyrics are gospel, but they are the kind of gospel that will make you stop and really think about what you know.

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