2 Faves of ’20 Are Back With KILLER Tracks

My Ugly Clementine – “I’m Boring”

This band of confident indie rockers are perhaps our favorite discovery of 2020. Months ago, we were introduced and immediately fell smitten with their raucous sound and biting lyrics. With “I’m Boring”, the act show a different gear as well as just how talented they are. The track has a more gentle croon, developing slowly while still lyrically punching with snark. If you are yet to become hip to this act, let this track be your much overdue introduction.

Øzwald – “Cheap Champagne”

An act we have covered more than a few times this year, we could not help but sharing this original, slow simmering track. After releasing tons of impressive covers, the duo (originally from Lifehouse) have dropped a fun and multi layered track we are thoroughly impressed with. Starting with a more soulful bounce, “Cheap Champagne” develops into a psych kissed track similar to that of the Beatles, which makes sense after spending considerable amount of time covering the act. This one also has a fun, head nod inducing groove to it that is sure to grab your attention.

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