Three folk pieces from William Fitzsimmons, Galapaghost, and Jesper Hasnaoui

William Fitzsimmons – “As long as I can breathe”
-Every time we get a submission from an artist the caliber of William Fitzsimmons, I pinch myself. He’s an iconic artist and definitely doesn’t need the press from a small time blog like ours. That said, I’m happy to feature this new track from Fitzsimmons. The understated vocal style is his calling card and it works well here. We do prefer more of a chill acoustic vibe over this more pop production, but it’s still an engaging song. The lyrics are accessible and relatable if you’ve ever wished the best for someone you didn’t end up with. It’s one that will pull on your heartstrings.

Galapaghost – “June”
-The guitar work on this track is exquisite. Galapaghost demands your attention with some melancholic but engaging sentiments here. The understated vocal harmonies accent the mystery of the piece. I feel myself drawn into the track, almost hoping and begging for a resolution of the tension at the heart of the track. The heartache pours from this piece and it is really incredible. Give it a spin and prepare to be moved.

Jesper Hasnaoui – “It’s that time again”
-From first listen, I have to admit I was charmed by Jesper Hasnaoui’s work on this track. The chord selection, the phrasing, and the jazzy rock sense hidden under a layer of folk guitar… it just works for me. As a former horn player, I loved the horn interludes as well. The lyrics have just enough natural imagery and abstract meaning that you can connect to your own vision of what it means. The whole things just feels so dang good; I really enjoy the cool tones of this track from guitar to vocals and horns.

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