Three breathtaking new folk songs you will want to hear

Katherine Priddy – “Still winter, still waiting”
-This is a beautiful song sung by a talented singer. Priddy’s vocal is like the warm glow of a fireplace. I admire the winter theme, certainly. The lyrical style will have you thinking of poetic imagery. But for me, the balance of the vocal and the orchestral folk style is absolutely stunning. This is one of the best songs I’ve found this winter so far.

Radiant Heart – “All the world 4 him”
-The easy going acoustic guitar in this song sets a swaying, contemplative mood. The softspoken vocal harmonies are endearing and pulled me in from first listen. To be fair, I couldn’t fully understand every lyric but I liked the mood so much I wanted to relax and listen. But then it hit me… (and honestly the video helped the image)… this is about someone who has passed. It’s a tragedy. It’s a beautiful homage to someone gone too soon. Mourn with these fine folks and enjoy their peaceful harmonies.

Elkyn – “If only it was alright now”
-I don’t always appreciate understated vocals, but something about this one from Elkyn really spoke to me. I appreciate the total composition here, bringing together some atmospheric elements in a very subtle crescendo. The style is fascinating; by the time you get to the chorus you’ll realize it’s not “just” an acoustic track. This is a masterful composition and one that will have you dreaming of a stable, sane time.

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