Three folk-flavored singer songwriters for your pre-feast listening

Brother Ryan – “Seasons”
-There’s a magical feel to this track that I can’t quite put into words. I guess it’s the electric guitars that crescendo and rise throughout the track. The pop style vocals work really well with the overall energy. The understated folk elements allow the heartfelt lyrics to soak through. In this time of so many people facing illness and death, this song feels particularly poignant.

Glenn Thomas – “Hail Mary’s”
-There’s a religiosity that emerges in this song that might have you asking some deep questions. It’s about the way the world seems so utterly out of control but even faith itself feels flimsy. It’s a fascinating connection between the sincerity of love facing down fears of a world gone crazy. This is one of those songs that seems quintessentially 2020. Hold on tighter, fam.

Mike Edel – “Need you”
-I’m not gonna lie – this song really sounds like it’s from Ryan Adams. It’s not… it’s from an artist called Mike Edel and you should give it a shot. The crooning “I need you” line feels deep, personal, and expressive. There’s an energy to this track that keeps me coming back to it. Something about the atmospheric production allows Edel’s longing vocal to stand out. It’s a bit atypical for what I personally tend to curate, but the uniqueness is sure to win over a lot of our followers.

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