Three folk singer songwriters to get your week going

Tom Butler – “The Storm”
-This is a beautiful, tragic, glorious song. They say the blues are the purest form of heartache, but I’m pretty sure this is acoustic folk that bleeds all over the world. The line, “we mourned the memories we could’ve made…” is poetically perfect and stunningly sad. The plaintive acoustic work is wonderful, allowing the lyrics to break your heart.

Marcus Lee – “For now”
-The acoustic energy of this track is sure to pull a lot of folks in from the start. Lee has the kind of vocal that pierces through the quiet elements and can absolutely soar when it needs to. I love the way this song was produced, allowing the guitar and piano to work in delicate layers. Once the vocal layers enter on the chorus, the song really emerges as a statement. I like how it sounds, sure, but I also really enjoy how this song FEELS.

Wax Owls – “Light up the way”
-If you’re looking for a bit more of a commercial mix in your folk music, give Wax Owls a spin. The chorus is the kind of big folk that you might expect to hear from Mumford or The Lumineers. I genuinely appreciate the soaring harmonies on the chorus. This one demands that you sing along. It’s inspiring and powerful in all the right ways.

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