Three indie pop tunes that make you feel alive

Jordan Prince – “I wish I hadn’t got stoned”
-Jordan Prince is writing some of the most exciting indie rock music right now. There’s a lightness and energy to this track that really pops in a genre that can sometimes be so hollow. I really appreciate the vocal harmonies and the rich guitar work. The lyrics are a little bit silly in some places, but have the lightheartedness that works with the song very well.

Karl Jakob – “Apple tree”
-The relaxing acoustic sensbility of this track is melodic, gentle, and delightfully expressive. Jakob’s vocal is comforting without being overly predictable. I appreciate the poetic lyrical style that carefully uses witty style without coming across as sarcastic. It’s an unconventional and deeply reward folk pop tune.

ROSIE – “Never the 1”
-This is a pop song with a blues soul. The lyrics are absolutely biting, getting right to the heart of what it means to find someone attractive. Then, as the song develops, those same feelings are converted into the hard-hitting realities of rejection. But it’s all. so. damn. sweet. ROSIE writes with precision and sings with a gentleness that is absolutely captivating. It’s such a fascinating mix of a beat that makes you want to move and lyrics that make you want to cuss, fight, and cry. This is not your typical indie pop song and I am HERE for it.

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