Intriguing Rock You NEED to Hear

Juliper Sky – “Into the Outer Light”

The dreamy sonic textures of this act helped us tremendously this week. Like many weeks this year, we struggled. Perhaps the strength of Juliper Sky is how they allow us to escape the current struggle we find ourselves in, while dreaming of better days. This is a rare gift, and one the act is thoroughly gifted at. With shimmering sounds and subdued but anthemic vocals, the who act crackles with talent and band chemistry in ways you would be hard pressed to find a rival. This is one of our favorite acts we have found recently and believe you will agree.

Rila’s Edge – “Coast”

When we heard this act, we were reminded of a raw Killers style sound. The act has the same youthful energy, but vocally they carry a little more bite, which we believe will connect with rock fans. The sonic breakdown near the conclusion shows a depth of sound we were pleasantly surprised with. This is an intriguing act. Keep an ear out for further releases this year as they rise.

Strays Don’t Sleep – “I Walked Away”

This one has a slower burn we appreciate. The veteran troubadours, play a grizzled sort of rock that will land with fans of David Ramirez and Brian Fallon. They carry a sort of blue-collar rock attitude that will land with many listeners who have struggled this year. The best bands craft art that illustrates a “me too” attitude. They show up in your melancholy, in your struggle or triumph. That is one of the many things we appreciate about Strays Don’t Sleep. This is an act that even if you don’t love their sound, you love their soul.

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