Top 5 Student Music Festivals in Europe

Music festivals provide a chance for students to socialize and create incredible college memories. Europe has a tradition of creating excellent student-themed music festivals bring together scholars from all corners of the world.  


Student music festivals in Europe are defined by the type of music played as well as the peripheral events. They also happen at different seasons in the year, giving students the chance to attend the most convenient. Here are the best music festivals for students you should attend before completing college. 

  1. Sziget

The Sziget festival is celebrated 27 years of continuous running in 2019. It is one of the most famous festivals, attracting students from all parts of the world. The festival features different music genres from indie to pop, dance, and rock, among others. The genre and main artist change each year, giving you a chance to enjoy variety. 

The festival was previously exclusive to music. However, it has expanded to include cinema and accommodate the desires of most students. It also comes with beach parties, sporting events and circus shows. It was planned for Budapest, Hungary on the Obuda Island in August 2020. It remains one of the most prestigious international student events in the world. 

  1. Parklife

The festival takes place in the UK and was planned for Heaton Park in Manchester in 2020. It remains one of the most anticipated festivals with a guest list that includes Lewis Capaldi, Skeptor, The Creator, and Tyler, among other performances. It was to happen in June 2020 but was postponed by a year. 

All students studying at Manchester want to attend the festival and lookup to it every year. It comes with exciting after-party events at venues in Manchester City Center. It forms part of the bucket list for most students studying in Europe and other parts of the world. 

  1. Hideout 

In 2017, this was the highlight even in the student’s calendar. It was held in Croatia between 26th June and 1st July. It is an epic electronic music show giving visitors 5 days on the beach with their favorite artists and breathtaking acts. It is regarded among the best music festivals for college students in Europe because it combines summer holidays with a festival. The after parties ensure that every student enjoys real value for money and time. 

  1. Kendal Calling 

The festival takes place in the UK towards the end of July and at the beginning of August. It is set at Lawther Deer Park in Penrith, UK. It offers a diverse lineup and music variety including dance, indie, and rock. Bars, markets, and cinemas are also at hand to enhance the experience. 

  1. Ultra Europe

As an extension of Ultra US, it is head in Croatia at Mladezi Park in Split. To add to the fanfare, organizers have included a fireworks display, smoke cannons, and top-tier sound. DJs from the world over fight to be part of the Ultra festival in Europe. 

Europe is the melting point for the most incredible music festivals for students. With diverse music services and side activities, every student is assured of excellent value for money. This is a perfect way to relax away from books and create beautiful memories. 

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