Three delightfully expressive new music with a penchant for psych elements

Elsewhere – “Looking for trouble”
-The dreamy electric guitars on this track really pull us in on this one. The easy going rock beat makes it the perfect chill track. There’s a charming sense to the lead vocal; he reminds me of someone I knew in high school. I bet he reminds you of a kid from your high school, too. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the tone is relatable. Listening to this song makes me feel like I just got invited to one of those parties I never got invited to… you know what I mean? It’s too cool for me but I’m glad the song gives me a glimpse into the experience.

David James Allen – “Do what fits”
-This song starts with a lyric about getting out of bed, which I am happy to report I have successfully done today. But the articulate phrasing style here belies a lot of modern rock; I appreciate the “classic rock” energy in parts of this track. The easy going energy is what draws me in more than anything. The fuzzy guitars are just icing on the cake of an otherwise still delicious cake. Put this one on and vibe out — when the mood hits you, it hits.

Lizzie Weber – “How does it feel?”
-There’s a cool jazz style to this track that really speaks to me. I hope it does for you as well. Weber’s willingness to explore unconventional melody lines really stands out. It’s definitely more experimental than most of the singer songwriters we approve. The lush electric guitars take the track in a different direction altogether. It’s avant garde rock for the open minded.

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