The Very Best Thursday Jams

Blue Yonder – “You Are the Morning”

These vibes are strong. The new track from the alt-Americana act, has plenty of laid back grooves to help ease any 2020 tensions. It is soulful, groovy, and a tad psychedelic. The shared vocals are especially rich, mixing both folk styles and alternative rock styles. Tracks like these, from an exceptional act, need to be on repeat in these turbulent times. We think you’ll really dig it.

Ski Team – “Photos”

There is a longing in the music of Ski Team we find intriguing. “Photos” is an emotive call from the void. The lyrical play is vulnerable and alluring, while the acoustic playing shows an intimacy we love. We are reminded of some of our favorite singer songwriters, including Torres, when we listen to the young artist. Listeners are going to be hard pressed to find a better songwriter.

Natalie McCool – “Devils”

Warning, this one may compel you to dance. In fact, my 3 year old cannot stop bopping to it while I write this. He definitely knows talent. It has some serious Paramore vibes, yet when stripped back sonically, there is a rich depth. The artist shows strong pop sensibilities, while never compromising or settling for a specific genre. “Devils” finds a great artist whose talent is unlimited and greatly appreciated by me, my son, and soon to be many many others.

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