Three indie folk songs for your Friday

Tomo – “Coffee Cups and Cigarettes”
-If you’re looking for a nice relaxing acoustic song, definitely put this one on. It’s a bit sad, actually, but the calming style of the guitar makes it a lovely song to hear. Hopefully the writer found a bit of happiness on the other side of coping with this heartache. It’s such a nice lo-fi sound that hits me emotionally for sure.

Lucas Davies – “Hold on summer”
-Here we sit in the early fall of one of the craziest years in living memory with a sentiment about holding onto the summer. I appreciate the nostalgic sense of the song about those summers in my youth when I just wanted the fun to last forever. It’s great when a calming acoustic song like this can transport me back in time nearly 20 years. How amazing. This one is a delight.

Grace Gillespie – “Hoppers”
-If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing acoustic song you’ll have to check out this new tune from Grace Gillespie. There’s a joyful energy to the upbeat style, even though the poetic lyrics don’t seem to be entirely optimistic. Gillespie’s vocal is unbelievably good and it works perfect for this sort of “poppy” flavored style of acoustic folk music. It’s an intriguing style overall that commands the listener’s attention well.

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