Three folk tunes that will boost your mood

WILD – “Friend like you”
-If you’re looking for an upbeat fun folk tune, give this a spin. I know what you’re thinking — this doesn’t feel like Woody Guthrie’s folk. It’s not. It’s a contemporary folk with a lot of pop elements. The bass, in particular, feels more like an electro pop style than most folk we cover. That said, we could all use a friend like each other during this ridiculous year. Just smile and spin it, okay? It’s happy and we need this right now.

Clayton Ryan and the Singing Mountain – “Fight the Tide”
-The soulful vocal of this song is why I said yes. It reminds me of Chris Stapleton. I definitely appreciate the organic throwback style of this track. The thoughtful lyrics and quality guitar work do a nice job of allowing the incredibly vocal to take center stage. This one is for our tried and true Americana fans.

Ed Hawke – “After all this time”
-This track borders on pop and folk in some really intriguing ways. Hawke has a thoughtful lyrical approach here. It’s a song about pursuing relationship after a long period of time. I can’t help but make a comparison with a band like Fleetwood Mac. It’s got that delicate thread of vintage pop songwriting with some folk rock energy and instrumentation. I dig it. I hope you do too.

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