Three brand new neoclassical tunes to relax and inspire

Michael Logozar – “Sway”
-We’ve been covering Michael Logozar’s music for a while now. The calming style of piano composition here is deeply rewarding. It’s definitely the kind of piece you might put on for a time of reading, writing, or meditating. I appreciate that Logozar invites the listener into a sort of sonic adventure, yet maintains plenty of space for the mind to wander. I am beginning to think if I ever turn my fiction writing into a short film I want Logozar to score it. Just beautiful.

Magnus Hoedegard – “Yellow”
-There’s a gorgeous repetitive style to this piece that lulls the listener like a lullaby. Yet, at the same time, it has an engaging and rising energy. This is what I mean when I tell people I enjoy neoclassical music that has a unique melody to it. There’s a therapeutic repetition on this piece that makes me want to sleep all the while the changing chord structure wakes me up. I love the creativity and energy of this track.

Maria Gronlund – “Light blue”
-The use of light and space in this piece is truly palpable. The lines feel like the voice of a narrator, explaining something you’re looking at. Yet, the beauty of this is that we’re not looking at anything. It’s just space. It’s just your imagination. The articulation on the piano is perfect, creating a feeling of freedom of exploration. It makes me want to read, write, and dream of a better world.

Image credit: Maria Gronlund IG

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