Three Americana tunes that’ll remind you of home

Carrie Welling – “Happy first”
-This is the kind of song that you can play for anybody. We’ve all been there in one way or another. “Don’t you think someone should love me even if it ain’t you?” Amen to that. Welling’s quality vocal style is the real deal. It expresses the narrative folk country style that’ll have you thinking of the greats like Loretta and Dolly. This has the potential to be a classic; let’s make sure to share it broadly.

Joshua Hyslop – “Heard a voice”
-I just don’t know how he does it. I always think “I’ve covered a lot of Joshua Hyslop. We’ll pass on this one…” then as soon as I click play I find myself swooning with appreciation. The sense of melody, the clever guitar work, and the insightful lyrics pull me in every time. It’s an easy folk country swing that will put a smile on even the saddest face. Give it a spin!

Mixtape for the Milkyway – “Heavy”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic folk music, this piece will speak right to your spirit. The fingerpicking is good, but the sincere vocal is probably my favorite part. Even the falsetto work is really high quality; there’s an atmospheric quality on the chorus that I wasn’t expecting. It’s delicate in a lot of ways, but also has a substance that I admire. It is surprisingly… well, heavy… for being such a sweet, easy going melody. Definitely give it a listen; I think you’ll love it.

Photo credit: Carrie Welling IG

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