3 Incredible Songwriters 2020 Needs

Biz Colletti – “Trust Myself”

“Trust Myself” is the type of slow burning electro pop we need more of. Typically, we are suspicious of the genre, yet the beauty of Colletti is her ability to blur genre lines boldly. The newest track from the young artist is a compelling show of talent and melancholy, and we are here for all of it. We look forward to hearing more from the rising act.

Sarah Spring – “Forever Unknown”

The last few months have driven us to do more introspection than usual. In these uncertain time, we find music like that of Sarah Spring is especially encouraging. Like balm for the weary, her sound draws listeners into the deep with artful authenticity. It could be just our full heart and earbuds speaking, but we think 2020 needs more “Forever Unknown”.

Kacey Johansing – “I Try”

There are certain singers that rest deep within us. Their sound goes beyond mere technical prowess, while their spirit resonates deeply. We are not sure why we love the music of Kacey Johansing so damn much, but something connects to us deeply. Her newest track, “I Try”, is a dreamy expression reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and some of your favorite singer songwriters. Give it a spin and try not to swoon.

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