Three pop-flavored folk tunes for your Friday hangout

Simon Alexander – “Gloria”
-There’s a calming energy to this track that won me over from first listen. Alexander is an artist we’ve featured in the past, so I wasn’t surprised by his great voice. But I was happy to connect with the group vocal on the chorus. Maybe it’s the title or the choral style, but something about this one reminded me of singing in a church setting. It’s an intriguing tune for sure.

Fiona Harte – “What is Loving Anymore”
-The romantic energy of this track is infectious immediately. I really like the balance of the vocals on this track. The lead vocal has a timeless almost old school country tone to it. The blending, though, with the other voices feels more like a traditional gospel bluegrass group than folk. It’s so interesting and definitely a style that stands out in a crowded folk scene. Quiet your heart and lend your ear to this delightful tune.

Townsend – “Another life”
-I really enjoy the atmospheric component of this track from Townsend. He reminds me a little of Canyon City, another songwriter we’ve covered in this vein. The delicate lyrical delivery helps to accent the indie pop message of the track. It might be more commercially polished than some of our throwback folk fans might like, but it’s just a good song. At the core the dreaming of “another life” lyrical element is something I think about ALL THE TIME, which makes it super relatable. The blend of a good message and a quality vocal is always going to get a thumb up from me. I am glad to spin and share this one with you all.

Pic credit: Townsend IG

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