Three new indie pop tunes to get your groove back

Skout – “Dumb little life”
-There’s an optimism in the chord structure of this song that puts an inspiring boost in my step. I really appreciate the positivity and energy, even though it’s about looking back on what might have been. I really like the clarity of the lead vocal on this track as well. This is what indie pop is all about for me; the vocal harmonies are great, the lyrics are clearly and moving, while the overall composition feels comfortable. I bet 99% of my friends would like this if they would give it a spin. Join me, will you?

The Sylvia Platters – “Half measures”
-The pure rock energy of this track will put a smile on even the most curmudgeonly of faces. The clever name of the band and unique filter on the recording will make this one stand out even in a big old pile of rock music. I really appreciate the quality of the vocal harmonies on the chorus, especially. This is not your parents’ rock music, but to be honest they might be down with it. Give it a spin!

Stables – “Silhouettes”
-There’s a coolness to this composition that you probably don’t expect in indie pop as a genre. That said, there’s a positive vibe about it that makes me feel a real connection to the indie pop scene. I like how the sparing composition reminds me of what I love about Rusty Clanton’s music. The overall connection between the vocal lead and the electric guitar makes for a peaceful, almost timeless style. I just feel more relaxed listening to this than before I pressed play. That’s seriously a blessing.

Photo credit: Skout IG

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