Three indie rock tracks that will make you want to dance

Monowhales – “All or nothing”
-I don’t know the chords that make up this song, but I can tell you that they were programmatically perfect for what I like. There’s an absolutely magnetic pull that I have toward this song. The inspiring message is great, but the excessively sweet vocal harmonies are like candy to my ears. I will definitely be shout-singing this one for a long time coming. Hopefully when the world returns to normal I can sing this one live at a show with the Monowhales. 🙂

Ocean Eyes – “Closure”
-So some of you know I “came of age” in a time that pop punk was really popular. I also spent a lot of time singing angsty teen alt rock/punk, so when I run across something like Ocean Eyes’ latest “Closure” it takes me back. I really appreciate the power chords, of course, but there’s also a sneaky powerful energy to the lyrical work as well. It’s ultimately about a toxic person and ending that relationship, but it’s so relatable and the powerful guitar works makes it feel cathartic to process with the band.

Violetear – “For the first time”
-Tracks like this are why I got into blogging. I had never heard of this band and just casually clicked play on it. I’ll tell you it’s better than 99.9% of the music I’ve listened to in 2020. It’s got this cool, chill rock energy that has shades of mid 1960s golden rock, while at the same time hits hard with a consistent and engaging percussion style. The styles are at times Beatles/Stones while also dipping into some Pink Floyd energy as well. Those bluesy electric guitar parts and understated vocals feel really good.

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