Three breathtaking neoclassical pieces for the eye of this late summer storm

Hideyuki Hoshimoto – “Voyage”
-I have become a sucker for the recording sounds of the pedals and mechanics of the instrument. It feels more alive, more real, more analog to me. I adore the phrasing of Hoshimoto’s composition here. It feels like a quiet conversation with a loved one, almost in hushed or whispered tones at times. It’s quite comforting and a welcome contribution to my neoclassical library.

Delange – “Desire”
-I have written about Delange several times over the past few years. I feel that every time I try to approach the piece with skepticism, yet his writing converts me anew with each listening experience. The chromatic development of the melodic lines feels so refreshing every time. There are some truly unique chord progressions that always make me wonder – how can someone envision such beautiful music? This is compositional brilliance.

Fabio di Biase – “Nuvole”
-There’s a lightness to this composition that I can’t quite put into words. I don’t often accept tracks with anything in the background in terms of ambient or atmospheric work, but this track is an exception. The light energy that it evokes is quite powerful to me. I feel an easing sense of calm come over me as I meditate on peaceful things. This is what the spirit of neoclassical music is all about to me.

Image credit: Fabio di Biase IG

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