Three new indie folk tunes to keep the genre alive

The Sea The Sea – “Stumbling Home”
-There’s a beautiful chemistry between the duo voices of The Sea The Sea. There’s a delicate quality to the recording that pulls me in right away. The sparing production work is perfect for the overall style. Something about the “glamorize” and “feel alive” rhyme on this track reminds me of the iconic Hank Williams tune “So Lonesome I Could Cry.” It’s really good.

Stables – “Curtain Call”
-There’s a bright folk energy to the guitar work on this track. Something about the style reminds me a little of classic folk artists like Woody Guthrie. Even the idiosyncratic vocal style really stands out from the rest of the folk crowd. I’m always happy to find new music like this and pleased to feature it here. The break into the chorus brings an unexpected but enjoyable raucous energy to the track. Folk fans will dig this one!

Radical Face – “The Missing Road”
-We’ve covered Radical Face in the past, so it’s good to have them back. The composition feels like equal parts folk and maybe pop rock? No matter what we call it, though, it’s really good. The lead vocal is good and once the harmonies come in, the track takes on a completely different energy. I appreciate the way the piano and melody take on a dominant sound like Matt Thiessen in Relient K. Any time a band can tap into that type of energy, I’m a fan. This is a really engaging tune that checks all the boxes for me. Spin it!

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