Something Entirely Different: 3 Stop and Listen Tracks

The Heavy Hours – “Don’t Walk Around”

2020 needs this track. A fun and lovely track, “Don’t Walk Away” encompasses the accepting hold of folk rock. Mixing multiple genres, The Heavy Hours play a tight but bouncy and fun sound that drips with soul and passion. This one is sure to have you singing along, no matter how bad you feel. It is anthemic, lively, and very much needed.

Eyesore & The Jinx – “Dinner, in the Exile Parlour”

Really, how do we describe this? We like it – totally – but it doesn’t lend itself to description. We can point to acts like Modest Mouse and some punk in ways of describing the vocal delivery, but even that seems an injustice. We love it because it stirs something primal within us, while still eliciting a swivel in our hips. This is totally our jam and we think, if you let your mind stay open, it will be your’s as well. The UK trio have something special here.

The National Anthem – “Icarus

Of the many strengths of this Italian act, is the slow burning piano ballad construction. While compelling listeners to stop and pay attention, the act croons with near combustible vocals that remind us of some of our favorite post-punk acts. The track takes some interesting turns, including a classic rock guitar solo. We love this act and eagerly wait to hear more from them as they continue to tighten and experiment an already intriguing sound.

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