Three genre-defying fantastic new tracks

Alice Bloom – “California Dream”
-The lead vocal on this track won me over right away. The atmospheric quality of the track sets it apart from a crowded world of singer songwriters. I really appreciate the poetic lyrical style. There’s a dreamlike quality to the song overall that is incredibly needed in our world right now. This one is a treat and it’ll find its way on to my summer 2020 playlists.

The Penniless Wild – “Seat Back”
-The raspy lead vocal on this track is absolutely stunning. I was floored from first listen and continue to be impressed. I was expecting this style of vocal to lead to a stereotypical hard rock presentation, but it actual evolves in more of an atmospheric psych rock indie gem. I really appreciate how the production doesn’t outshine the quality of the lead. Whatever you’re expecting this song to be… it isn’t. I love that.

senses – “See you go”
-This is probably a bit more pop than what you’d come to expect on ETTG, but honestly it just hits me right. The production is energetic and meaningful. It’s the Paramore-style vocal on the chorus that made me go from “ok…” to “OH HECK YES!” The kickdrum keeps us moving but the vocal is what really won me over on this one. The relationship-based lyrics are also quite relatable to anyone who has ever been conflicted in a not-so-great-for-you situation. It’s got just the right amount of “inner turmoil” to feel perfect for the musical genre.

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