Baby Queen is a Brilliant “Buzzkill”

We love “Buzzkill”, the new single from the young misfit songwriter Baby Queen. In fact, we love the track so much, that we have struggled to find the proper words to describe her not so subtle brilliance. Born in South Africa, she she moved to London where she now resides. After being thrust into a materialistic and vapid culture of influencers and celebrities, she rebelled.

I started to write bitterly about the world that I had perceived whilst being here in London, and the way that it had changed me, and the narcissist I had become,” she says. “I got obsessed with these identities that we cultivate online; the front stage self and the backstage self, who you actually are and who you pretend to be.” 

“Buzzkill” is a direct critique of the celebrity lifestyle, but what makes it so intelligent, is how she can take a life like this – which many of us will never experience – and connect it to the emptiness within us all. Of course, given the dark cultural commentary, this could easily become a one dimensional piece of angst. Yet, the artist showcases her depth in how she presents. The video – our favorite of 2020 so far – nods to grunge (note the Hole crown, Nirvana sweater, and Beck style vocals) of the ’90’s while lacing in pop sensibilities. Watching the quirk and dare we say “fun” personality of Bella Latham (aka Baby Queen) in the video made us fall deeply for her style, substance, and brilliance.

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