Three engaging new singer songwriters for your playlist

Ben Greenberg – “Let you down”
-Greenberg’s style of acoustic music borders on pop in the best way possible. It’s an easy going, relaxing vibe. The lyrical concept here is engaging, thinking about how someone perceives you when you really care about them. If you are a people pleasing personality, this track will resonate with you deeply.

Dylan Pratt – “Beachy”
-There’s a lonesome quality to Dylan Pratt’s vocal that reminds me of Rayland Baxter. It’s a feeling of calling out in the wilderness, begging to be noticed. The desperation comes across with this fascinating sense of demand; notice me. Well I notice you, Dylan, and this song bends genres to create a kind of folk amalgam that I’ve never heard before. This is really remarkable and will appeal to some of our more progressive folk fans.

Sofia Dragt – “Underwater”
-The rising pop energy of Dragt’s latest track is going to get some notice on the international stage. The piano works as a gorgeous base to an equally impressive lead vocal. Some of the breathing sounds in the background feel like they go in a slightly different direction, but the core melody of the track is genuinely appealing. I am interested in what our readers will think of this pop hybrid track.

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