3 Dreamy New Indie Rock Acts

Dad Bod – “Milkdrinker”

The dark lullaby style of this act is highly affecting. The emotive croon of the lead singer has a way of disarming even the most burdened listener. Blending folk, with indie rock and shoe gaze, Dad Bod are an impressively tight act that is due praise in any year, but especially in 2020. Their sound registers deep within us and is textured and echoed in a way that is both beautiful and unsettling.

Handsome Ghost – “Sunday Best”

If you want a dreamy and meditative folk duo, then look no further than this. On “Sunday Best”, the act creates a beautiful tapestry of textures and gentle waves of sounds that even the most weary can find reprieve. The track is a near perfect blend of restraint and imagination. The act has a lot of matured talent, which is peppered nicely with mystery.

Mango Cat – “Didja”

This is one of the most interesting duos we have heard recently. While both of them are themselves accomplished musicians, the pair of them for their newest project is lively and almost psychedelic. Taking cues from acts like Conor Oberst and Beach House, the act have an impressive confidence that comes from loads of talent. We love this act but also love them for how they pour themselves into their art as well as for how they make us feel as listeners. It is a rare talent indeed.

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