Three folk songs to restore your faith in music

Blood Harmony – “Summer Leaves”
-There’s a gorgeous Joni Mitchell energy to this track that won me over from the beginning. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are reminiscent of an ancient tradition that reemerged in the 1960s. This is the kind of deep, meaningful music that makes me feel rooted in my humanity. There’s a sophistication to the lead vocal here that is absolutely engaging. If you’re a fan of traditional folk music and vocal harmonies, listen to this one.

Theo Kandel – “Older now”
-The truthtelling of Theo Kandel’s music is sure to win over a lot of fans. There’s a wonderful, expressive lyrical style here. We don’t always support this type of narrative folk music, but Kandel is a good example of the subgenre. The easy going acoustic guitar works perfect as a basis for the complex lyrical work. Give him a shot!

Kevin Michael Duggan – “Other side”
-It probably feels a little more country than folk, but Duggan’s storytelling style reminds me a bit of John Moreland. It’s an expressive songwriting style that holds a lot of emotion. If you’re a fan of Jason Isbell, you’ll probably appreciate what Duggan’s doing in this song. I can appreciate the hard hitting writing of this song. It’s not the jangly folk we typically cover, but it’s definitely worth sharing. Hope you dig it, too!

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