Songwriter Jacob Jeffries Does it Again . . . And Again

Jacob Jeffries – “What Army”

The music of songwriter Jacob Jeffries has quickly become some of our most appreciated. On “What Army”, the songwriter shows his depth for genre-busting talent. Rooted in a haunting piano ballad, the electric guitar and textured rock elements remind us of Radiohead and dare we say, Oasis. We had previously covered some of his more singer songwriting tracks, but this one hit us surprisingly differently. “What Army” breathes a little more and is not afraid to dip into the artist’s diverse background to create an impressive piece of blended talent. It is worth noting that Jeffreies has found modest success working with a variety of people and, to the growing admiration of my 3 year old Reed, sings for Robin on Teen Titans Go! This alone is perhaps how you know you have “made it”. Yet, the artist keeps surprising us with the depth of his talent and songwriting abilities.

Check out the vast catalog of Jacob Jeffries for a tutorial in great songwriting.

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